Coming Soon: Listener’s Remains

 “A lonely candle lit up the darkness inside Gillen’s mind. With his eyes closed, he could clearly see the different sections of the flame. Most people only ever noticed the orange edge, but he knew the fire inside and out. He’d seen the darkness underneath.” – Listener’s Remains, Chapter 3

Gillen Lynch has spent his whole life pretending to be normal. He’s hit a few bumps in the road – killing his father, for starters – but for the most part, he’s been a success. No one knows he’s a murderer and no one can tell how he feels about other men. No one, of course, except the last person he wants to find out: Eduardo Sanchez, his sister’s husband and Chicago’s resident mind reader. 

Thanks to a lifetime of meditation, Gillen can stave off Eduardo’s powers by maintaining an empty head. It’s impossible to keep a clear mind forever, though, and a crucial mistake forces Gillen to permanently silence Eduardo with a steak knife to the throat. While this isn’t Gillen’s first murder, this is the first time he felt something for the victim. This is also the first time the victim used his dying breaths to copy himself into Gillen’s head. 

To say Gillen’s plan backfired is a massive understatement. All he wanted was to keep his secrets away from Eduardo, and now Eduardo is free to mock every moment of Gillen’s past. He can control Gillen’s limbs, too, which makes running from the police an impossible task. Wracked with guilt and terrified of prison, all Gillen wants is to regain control of his life. To do that, he’ll have to overcome his self-hatred and make peace with with the man who infested his head. If he can’t, he’ll be at the mercy of someone who has dedicated his afterlife to driving Gillen mad.  

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